Thoughts about Deadpool 2

Well, I don’t think Green Lantern is as bad as the vast majority of fans do. If there is a third Deadpool movie, I hope there won’t be another joke about Green Lantern. (Also that movie came out in 2011.) I have seen worse movies than Green Lantern in theaters.

Ryan Reynolds returns as Deadpool in this movie. Cable, a soldier, from the future has come back in time to kill a young mutant with fire based powers. Deadpool assembles a team to stop him. (I will avoid plot spoilers.)

It was nice to see  Negasonic Teenage Warhead again but she does not have much to do. It is nice that she has a girlfriend and it is nice that we don’t learn that in an interview, or some other comment, after the movie.

Cable as a serious character plays well off of Deadpool. They had a comic they co-headlined together. Josh Brolin is very good as Cable. He is having a good year.

The movie is good. There are some nice music choices. It is jokey but not too jokey. The action scenes are well staged and one villain that I was not expecting showed up.

I would like to see another Deadpool movie or an X-Force movie. I am not sure if anyone really knows what the future of the X-Men franchise is in light of the Fox/Disney deal.

T.J. Miller is still in this film, despite recent allegations about him. Some of them are pretty serious, so it is a surprise he is still in the movie. To be honest he doesn’t have a large role, so he can be ignored. I think he could have been dumped.


Thoughts about not being multitalented

Not everyone is multitalented. It is okay though. Sometimes people have a few talents but they are very good in using those talents. Eddie Murphy, for example, is a gifted actor and comedian but he only directed one movie and decided not to direct others. (He was, at the time, a big enough star that he could have gotten more chances to direct if he wanted them.)

Some actors are also good writers and some singers are or become good actors. Soem singers actor as a hobby and enjoy it but don’t seem to want to carry a film or a TV series. Some actors want to sing. However some people have a talent or skill but not other talents. Some comic book artists become good comic book writers and some don’t.

I am not sure where the desire comes for some actors to want to write or direct. Is that they want more control over their projects? Or is it a desire to see if directing or writing will help their acting? That desire comes to a lot of actors.

Movie Thoughts 5-14-2018

Deadpool 2 opens this weekend. I hope it is good. Previews have looked good. It should be fun to see X-force come together.  It would be nice if the movie is under 2 hours.

Melissa McCarthy’s Life of the Party did not screen for critics early and reviews are bad. A lot of critics are comparing it to Back to School and some YouTube critics suggested just watching Back to School instead of going to the movie. I am not a fan but it seems that critics don’t like the movies McCarthy co-writes with her husband Ben Falcons (who directs).

I would be okay with a Pitch Perfect 4 if it had a new cast.  Maybe a movie about the Treblemakers could be fun.  However I guess I am okay with the third movie being the last one.

If you stop watching a movie after 10 minutes or less and then watch an animated movie you have already seen, does that say more about you or the movie that you stopped watchingq? I started Baywatch but lost interest. However Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is still good.

Thoughts on Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Dane DeHaan stars as a space cop named Valerian in this movie. Cara Delevingne stars as his partner Laurline. This movie is inspired by a series of French comic books. They are investigating a case that involves a strange alien creature and a possible cover up.

It is not bad. It looks very pretty  and there is a huge space station where humans and hundreds of different aliens live. (It probably looked amazing on the big screen.) This is like Babylon Five in theory but it looks different because it was assembled by several alien races.

Dahan has talent, he was good as Harry Osborn in Amazing Spider-Man 2, but he is a bit miscast in this. Charming Rogue is what he is going for but he misses the mark. Cara Delevingne is better, I think she has been good in everything I have seen her in. They save each other. Clive Owen has a supporting role and so does Rihanna.

It is worth renting or borrowing from a library. It might not be worth buying.



The Last Five Years

This is a musical with Anne Kenndrick and Jeremy Jordan about a couples relationship. She is a singer/actress and he is a writer. His career takes off but hers doesn’t. There are some other characters but the movie, which is based on a play, focuses on the two leads.

It is interesting and Kenndrick is good. Jordan is too. The movie starts at the end of the relationship and there are songs by the two that drive the story. I am not sure if any of the songs broke out and are known to people who didn’t see the film or the play.

Maybe it worked better as a play but I enjoyed it. I might not feel the need to re-watch it. I am not sure yet. I think it is worth seeing if you haven’t seen it and at least worth a rental.

Thoughts about the Wolfman(2010)

This is a remake of the 1940s classic and it is not bad. There are some good points and Anthony Hopkins gets to overact. Benito Del Torro stars as Lawrence Talbot, an actor who returns home after his brother’s disappearance. Hopkins plays his father.

It turns out that Lawrence’s brother was killed by a werewolf and Lawrence is later bitten by the werewolf. The rest of the movie is about Lawrence’s adjusting to his curse (and wanting to be released from it) and the true identity of the werewolf who bit him.

I liked this. It is violent, and maybe a bit over the top at times. However the movie does get the tragic elements of the story right and I think it is worth seeing once if you haven’t seen it.

I think this is in some ways better than the Mummy or Dracula Untold but I enjoyed all three movies. However it is not great and perhaps I was in a generous mood while re-watching it.

Boycotting a movie is not the same thing as not going to see it

I saw a nice interview with Josh Radnor the other day but that has nothing to do with this posting really. I just want to mention something pleasant before diving in to this topic.

Apparently there are people who want boycott the Solo movie. However it is not really boycotting a movie if you don’t go. To really boycot the movie, you’d have to do something like trying to get the movie removed from theaters or at least have it removed from your local theaters. That is my feeling or understanding of what a boycot is.

If deciding to not to see movie can really count as boycotting them, I am boycotting a lot of movies each year. I guess I stopped boycotting Happy Death Day when I bought it on video after it left theaters. But if I skip the sequel does mean I am boycotting it?

There is at least one person who made a ten minute video about not wanting to go to the Solo movie. (There are probably a lot more than one of these videos.) Okay, if that makes you happy somehow, knock yourself out. That seems a little odd to me.

Yeah, I know I write about my feelings about a new movie and if I feel I want to see it or not here but I don’t feel that I own Star Wars or that the makers of the franchise owe me anything. Some of what I saw looked like someone who feels ownership of the franchise.

If I were a more clever writer, I’d find a way to tie Josh Radnor’s interview in to the main topic of this post. I cannot but I enjoyed the interview and I wish him well in any current or future projects.