Thoughts on the Third Victim

The Third Victim is the latest novel by Philip Margolin and it is a legal thriller set in Orgeon. A lawyer is accused of murder and kidnapping. His lawyer is starting to have problems with her memory.

This novel also features a young lawyer and former MMA fighter adjusting to her first legal job. She starts to suspect that her boss is starting to develop serve memory problems. Her concern is what should she do?

It is good. It is not his best. I think his best might be the Burning Man. I like his legal thrillers about Amanda Jaffee.

the audiobook has an interview with the author. That was fun.


No, Blockers is not better than Game Night

Game Night is better than Blockers. Blockers is a good comedy and I enjoyed it but Game Night is better. Although Blockers has a better ending than Game Night.

Blockers is the story of parents worrying about their daughters having sex on prom night. Ike Barenholtz, Leslie Mann, and John Cena play the parents and they are pretty good. Mann seems more likeable than I have seen her in other movies. The young actresses are good and there could be a good movie that concentrates more on them and sidelines the parents.

There are some gross out moments, more than a few. Maybe I am getting old but sometimes gross out humor is just gross. Game Night has less gross out humor. I think both  movies are worth seeing.



Maybe I do hate the Sentry

Maybe I hate the Sentry.  Hate is a strong word.  I understand why other readers did not like him.  See this post  or this one.  I think the idea of a forgotten hero returning and discovering why he has been forgotten was interesting but maybe it would be better as a What If story.

I am not sure that anything done with the Sentry when he was brought ”back” into the Marvel Universe was very interesting. He joined the Avengers and had a mini-series or two. Also it was hard for me to believe that the Sentry was mightier than Thor or the Hulk.

I read some of the old comics, the Sentry was not there and no amount of retroactive insisting that he was changes that. I think untold tales or retcons can work but maybe the Sentry’s retcon was too much.

Soon Jeff Lemire will bring the Sentry back. Lemire’s talented maybe he can find some new angle on the Sentry and make him interesting. We will see. There is an old saying that there are no bad characters and any character can be made interesting.

Kevin Hart has a new movie coming out and other movie thoughts

Kevin Hart has a movie coming out in September. A while back I mentioned that it seemed like he wasn’t as busy as he has been lately. He plays a character who has to go back to high school. (I haven’t seen that plot line in a while.) Tiffany Haddish, who broke out in Girl’s Trip, co-stars as the teacher. It could be good.

Details about the Rogue One reshoots are coming out. This seems odd so long after the film was made but reports are the reshoots were extensive and the film was a mess before the reshoots. The finished film was pretty good though, so I guess everything worked out. Working on the Star Wars movies is apparently hard on directors. This story would seem to hurt the director of Rogue One.

Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel apparently did have a conflict during the filming of Fate of the Furious. Johnson revealed this in a Rolling Stone interview. Some people speculated last year that Johnson complaining about an unamed co-star, who turned out to be Disel, was a publicity stunt. Which seemed to be a odd publicity stunt to be honest. I know the phrase that no publicity is bad publicity but I didn’t see how that publicity would make people want to see a movie.



Thoughts about Behind the Mask the Rise of Leslie Vernon

This is an interesting film. It is nice to see Robert Englund out of Freddy makeup, even though he has a small role. Kane Hodder has a small role too. Zelda Rubinstein, from Poltergeist, has a small role too.

The movie is about a man who wants to be the next great killer in the vein of Michael Meyers, Jason Voorhoes, and Freddy Kruger. (Apparently they are real in the world of this film.) His name is Leslie Vernon and he has a film crew documenting his preparations. (I am not going over the plot in detail, so I not spoiling any surprises.)

Leslie is played by Nathan Baesel and Baesel is really good in the role. He is very likeable in the first part of the movie as he talks about his preperations but there are hints of menace at times. I don’t think I have seen him in a role before.

Angela Gothelas stars as Taylor, the lone woman in the film crew. She is also good too, especially when she seems to realize how odd the situation she is in really is. I don’t think I’ve seen her in another movie.

This is probably best for fans of the Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street films of the 1980s and 1990s.  This was, apparently, made by fans of the genre. This is amusing but not a spoof. For a full review, click here.

I think this was worth watching and it might be worth re-watching. There rumors of a sequel but as I type this no sequel has appeared. This film came out in 2006. There is a new special edition Blu-ray, which I bought.

Hawkman is coming back and other comic book thoughts

Hawkman is coming back in a new DC comic. Good. However Hawkman has a complicated backstory, even for comic books, and attempts to simplify it over the years haven’t worked out. Well maybe this new series will work.

The Sentry  will return in a new series from Marvel comics in June.I have no idea why the writer Jeff Lemire wants to revive the character. (I don’t hate the character but I understand why some readers do or did.) Lemire is a good writer, so maybe he will make it work.

There will be a new Fantastic Four series. That is nice. It has been a few years since the Fantastic Four had a series. I am not sure why the Fantastic Four has not had a series for years.


Movie Thoughts 4-5-2018

You should not need to read a novel to enjoy a movie based on the novel. The movie should be able to stand on its own. As much as I enjoyed Ready Player One, maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I read the book. So I am saying the movie is a bit of a failure.

Blockers has a few positive reviews so far. I wonder if people will go see it. This is the comedy about parents freaking out about their daughters having sex on prom night. It looks like it could be a variation on American Pie but more female focused.

The Quiet Place opens this week. Early Reviews have been good. The premise is interesting (a family who tries to live in silence to avoid attracting aliens). Maybe I will see it.