The Solo trailer

The Solo trailer came out this morning after a brief teaser during the Super Bowl. I have some thoughts about it. One, it is nice to see a young Lando,even if he doesn’t get to say much. (It would be nice to see classic Lando in episode IX too.) Two, I am more curious about the movie than excited for it.

I think Donald Glover will be really good as a young Lando Calrissian. Maybe I’d be happier if this was Lando’s movie. I am not sure. I wonder how big a role Lando has in the movie. Is a Lando movie a possibility?

For a trailer for a movie about Han Solo, I didn’t get a good feeling about this actor playing Han Solo. Maybe it is because I haven’t seen him in anything else but I feel a bit uncertain. The actor is Alden Ehrenreicht, and I think his biggest role before this was in the movie Hail Cesar, which I haven’t seen.



I have already written about my love of low stakes action movies (movies where the stakes aren’t the fate of the world or the universe). Maybe low stakes is the wrong term, maybe personal stakes might be a better term. This is a good example of low stakes or personal stakes action movie.

Alain Moussi returns as Kurt Sloan from Kickboxer Vengeance and he is brought back to Thailand to fight a monster of a man. (The villain from this film plays the Mountain in Game of Thrones.) He is trained by his mentor Durrand (Jean-Claude Van Damme) from the last film and an inmate named Briggs (Mike Tyson). Christopher Lambert plays the villain.

The fight scenes and training scenes are a lot of fun. Moussi is a stuntman as well as an actor and he handles himself well in the fight scenes. (Outside of the fight scenes, he is not great.) There is a grace to his movements and there is a dance sequence at the start of the film I didn’t expect. Van Damme’s Durrand has been blinded but he remains a master fighter.

Kurt Sloan is going to return in Kickboxer:Armageddon according to the Hollywood Reporter. Good.


Movie thoughts 2-2-2018

John Cena has a movie coming out called Blockers and it looks pretty bad. It is about parents trying to prevent their daughters from having sex on prom night. I don’t think there would be a movie about parents trying to keep their sons from having sex on prom night.

Daniel Craig is reported to be back as James Bond for the last time. I’d like to see a new Bond if Craig has lost interest. (A post Bond career can be tricky though.) There have been good Bonds before him and hopefully there will be good Bonds after him.

There is going another Halloween movie. Why? Oh well as an amateur critic (at best) I won’t be forced to watch it. To be fair any idea can work if done well and maybe someone can write a Halloween movie with a new perspective. Maybe a new Halloween movie has a chance to be good.






Odd movie rules

These are some of my movie rules/theories. I have done a similar list before but I am reworking some of these rules.

1)If you see a movie trailer and the best thing (or the thing that interests you the most) in it is a classic song, you should skip the movie. This can even be a classic song that don’t love or from a singer or band that you never bought one of their CDs.

2)If you are more than thirty minutes into watching a movie and you start to wonder what else is playing in the movie theater, you chose the wrong movie.

3)Every few years there is going to be an actress or actor who rises to fame that you won’t quite get or understand why they’re a star. There will probably be an actor every few years who seems like they should be a star (in your opinion at least) but they never quite make it.

4)As I get older it feels like there are more movies that I go to in theaters that I enjoy well enough but never feel the need to see again. It just seems like ten years ago, if I enjoyed a movie in theaters I’d want to see it again. I could probably come up with a decent list of films I saw in theaters but never saw again. I am not sure if it means anything and what it does mean if it means anything.


Movie thoughts 2-1-2018

The Solo trailer is rumored to be coming out during the Super Bowl. That could be nice. There have been a lot of rumors of the film being in trouble. Maybe if the film does not perform, the stand alone Star Wars movies could end. I might be okay with that. I liked Rogue One but I would be okay with just Star War trilogies.

Mission Impossible 6 is due out this summer. I have enjoyed the last two movies in the series, so I have good expectations. It does not seem like that long since the last one. I might have seen the first three but I barely remember them if I did.

Two weeks until the Black Panther movie. I have heard a lot of good things and the early reviews should officially come out in about 12 days or so. I think really good superhero movies can fight “superhero movie fatigue”.


All-American Murder the Rise and Fall of Aaron Hernandez

All American Murder… by James Patterson is the tale of Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots’ tight end, who was convicted of murder and who killed himself in jail. He seemed to have everything in the world before he was arrested. I have the book on audio download.

It is an interesting story but Ann Rule might have told it better. Ann Rule is one of the best true crime writers. Or maybe this case was so well covered when it happened a few years ago that there aren’t any fresh insights in the book. Maybe someone less familiar with the case would get more out of the book.

It is not a bad book but I have might have expected too much.  This review in USA Today is interesting.

TV Thoughts Jan 2018

Fox’s new medical drama the Resident is interesting. It was a bit of a shock to open with a botched operation. Bruce Greenwood is on hand as the head of surgery whose hands are failing him.  His character should move to more of administrative role but he might not be ready for that. The first two episodes came out last week.

I lost track of Lucifer, I need to catch up. I remember the third season starting off pretty well. The second season was good, so I am not sure why I took a break from the series.

I hope Cloak and Dagger is better than Runaways. I don’t know why Runways is so bad but I lost interest pretty quickly. Maybe the show had too many major characters to introduce in one season.