I do not get Amy Schumer

I don’t get Amy Schumer. She has become a major star in the last five years or so. I just don’t get her, sort like I don’t get Tina Fey or Kevin Hart. I might be closer to getting Kevin Hart but he makes too many short jokes and I think his delivery is better than his material.

I tried watching her Netflix special and I lost interest. It was not the worst standup special ever like a lot people on YouTube said.Dana Carvey’s recent special on Netflix was pretty bad too but I gave up pretty quickly and haven’t felt like giving it another chance.  Maybe I will one day or maybe not.

I watched some of her movie Snatched and the best thing in that movie was seeing Goldie Hawn act again but soon I started to wish Hawn had come back in a better movie. (Are there movies in Latin American countries where people from Latin America come to the US and all the US people are terrible to them? That would be fair.)

I didn’t see Schumer’s other film Trainwreck. I have heard it’s too long.  That might be the modern comedy thing where actors ad lib and the director or editor doesn’t cut anything. Sometimes “less is more” and sometimes “more is less”.

I know there has been a bit of a backlash towards Schumer in the last year or so and there have been people accusing her of joke stealing. I did not get her before that. I think people walking out of her concert in 2015 or early 2016 because her humor turned political were being silly. It was an election year, you should expect some political humor during a stand up performance during an election year.


Stories end and that is okay

Stories end and it is okay. Not every story needs a sequel (and maybe some stories are diminished by sequels). Not every movie franchise needs to be extended or brought back.  Sometimes it is time to move on.

Sometimes it seems like movies and tv shows are becoming so franchised. Sequels dominate the box office and old tv shows are coming back to TV or a streaming service. Is there anything new coming out? Of course there is but lately there is alot of old stuff continuing or coming back.

TV shows that have come back in the five years

  • Heroes
  • Gilmore Girls
  • 24
  • the X-Files

I think I have lost the point I am trying to make. I am not against sequels or remakes in theory but sometimes I see a preview for a new movie sequel and feel that series has been done to death or there is nothing left to explore. Or sometimes there is announcement of a revived tv show and I don’t see the point of bringing the show back.

Stories end and it is not a bad thing.









People walked out on Amy Schumer’s concert

Recently a lot of people walked out on comedian Amy Schumer’s concert in Tampa this month. It was after her act turned political, especially anti-Trump. It was noticeable when people walked out.

Some people who left later claimed that they just wanted a politics free show. I guess that is possible. However the election is big news, I am pretty sure that even comedians who aren’t normally political talk about this election.

I wouldn’t have walked out. I would have stayed and waited for her to move on to other material. (Depending on the ticket price I might not have gone in the first place. I might not get Amy Schumer.)

Do Comedians lose their fastball?

I am not the biggest baseball fan but I know the idea that a pitcher has only so many pitches before they lose their fastball. You cannot throw 99 mile per hour pitches forever.  I guess it is not quite the same thing for comedians or comedic actors but maybe you cannot be funny forever. I have been thinking about this recently because of some podcasts I listened to and a few reviews I read.

Zoolander 2 got bad reviews and it looks pretty bad. Ben Stiller co-wrote, directed, and stared in it. It is safe to say that his comedic sensibilities dominate the film. If the movie is bad as it seems, does it mean that Stiller is losing his fastball?  He has also had a few other flops or forgettable films recently.

Vince Vaughn seems to be struggling the last few years. He has had a few flops in a row. Even his re-teaming with Owen Wilson for the Internship was a flop and not good. Are people tired of him? Could the right project bring him back?

Dennis Miller’s last two stand up specials weren’t terrible but it seems his best days are behind him.  I am not sure why but he seemed funnier ten years ago. Does his turn to the right have anything to do with it? I don’t know.

If comedians can their comedic fastball, why does it happen? Is it a failure to change their comedy to match the times? Do some things that are funny when you(or your character) are in your twenties become less funny or pathetic when you(or character) is in your forties?

Christopher Lee RIP

Christopher Lee died this week. He was a great actor and there is probably no one that compares to him. Or at least there is no one who comes to mind right away.

In recent years, Lee worked less but he did appear in the Hobbit trilogy.  He was good as always. It would be nice if his last movie had been a classic. He also appeared in the Lord of the Rings films and the Star Wars prequels.

Lee might still be best remembered for his role as Dracula. He played the role several times. He last played the role over thirty years ago. He was good, even when the films faltered.

Lee worked with Peter Cushing in several films. Cushing played Van Helsing opposite Lee’s Dracula in Horror of Dracula. That movie is a classic.

He had a deep and powerful voice. He did a great job on the narration on Necessary Evil, the documentary on DC super villains. He was tall and imposing. He was a great villain.

He will be missed.

Who remixes the Police?

Okay, I heard the Police on the radio on the way home from work. It was “Every Breath You Take” and it didn’t sound right. I think that was a remix. There was a weird sound, I cannot explain it. It was not a drumbeat, exactly but it sounded a bit like that. It was distracting.

I am not a music snob. At least, I don’t think so.  Oh well, somewhere I have the best of the Police on CD, assuming that it isn’t loaned out. Time to look for a few CDs again.

Maybe this is one reason not to listen to music on the radio.