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TV Thoughts 10-23-2016

NFL ratings are down 11 percent so far this year. That is surprising. Maybe the trend won’t last. It has been less than half a season. Or maybe it will and perhaps the growth of the NFL has to level off.

Lucifer is off to a good start to a second season. I wonder if the move to 22 or 23 episodes per season will hurt the show. Sleepy Hollow seemed to suffer after moving to more than 13 episodes a season.

I am not watching any sitcoms this season. I am not sure why that is. A lot of comedies I liked in the last few years all got canceled.

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Luke Cage

Luke  Cage is the latest Netflix/Marvel show. It is good, really good at times. It stars Mike Colter as Luke Cage, the first major African American superhero from Marvel comics. (The Black Panther is not American.)

Luke Cage is living in Harlem, working odd jobs for cash as the series opens. Luke is forced into action when a gun deal goes wrong. Mob boss Cottonmouth seeks the stolen money.(No more details will be given.)

This is good. Colter is really good as Luke Cage. The rest of the cast is good but without   a strong lead, the series would falter.  Colter had previously played Luke in Netflix’s Jessica Jones series, so maybe that helped.

Cottonmouth is a good villain. The other villains didn’t interest me as much as he did. They aren’t bad villains though. Mahershala Ali is really good as Cornell Stokes/Cottonmouth.

The fights are good, if mostly one sided. I like scenes of Luke destroying guns. Once a gun is introduced that can harm Luke, the action becomes more interesting.

I like this and and am looking forward to Iron Fist’s show. It is kind of a shame that Iron Fist didn’t appear.


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Star Trek thoughts 9-17-2016

I haven’t watched a lot of Voyager or Enterprise. Maybe I should start watching one soon. Maybe Enterprise. Voyager gets a bad rap or so I’ve heard.

Or maybe I should dive into Deep Space Nine. I haven’t seen it in ages, maybe it is better than I remembered. I’ve read some experts who think it is the best of all the follow ups to the original series.

The next Star Trek series, Discovery, has been pushed back to May or June. (It was supposed to come out in January.) I hope it will be good. I don’t know if I want another prequel to the original Star Trek.

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Inspector Lewis the last season

This was the last season of a Inspector Lewis, the spin-off from Inspector Morse. I liked the show and am sad to know that it ended. However I think it ended well.

Kevin Whately stared as DI Robbie Lewis, and Lawrence Fox stared as his assistant James Hathaway. Later Hathaway was promoted to DI and Lewis retired and came back as a consultant.

I enjoyed the show. I thought the lead actors were good and most of the cases were interesting.  It is set in Oxford and cases often involved academics.

The ghost of Morse doesn’t haunt the series. However if you didn’t like  Inspector Morse, you probably won’t like this series. The last three episodes were good.

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TV Thoughts 8-3-2016

I don’t need to know why Netflix or Hulu didn’t  pick up a canceled network show. I figure the company has its reasons. Agent Carter was not picked up by either streaming service after ABC canceled it. The head of Netflix explained the reasons why they didn’t pick up the show and maybe I did not need or want that much detail.

The new Ghost Rider is coming to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D next season. That could be interesting. I am not sure if I will start watching the show again. I really lost interest in season 3 and I am not sure why. It was not terrible.

Bill Simmons’ new show Any Given Wednesday is struggling to get viewers. HBO signed Simmons to a big deal, so they probably would like more viewers than 165,000 per episode. Simmons made his career as a writer and maybe he is kind of awkward on TV. From what I have seen, he isn’t compelling on TV. I don’t have HBO but even if I did, I would probably skip Any Given Wednesday

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TV Thoughts 7-22-2016

Grand Admiral Thrawn is coming to Star Wars Rebels. That could be fun. He first appeared in Heir to the Empire novel 25 years ago. This will be his first cartoon appearance.

Teen Wolf season six will be the last season. It will start in November. That might be for the best. At times the show was pretty good but season five was a bit uneven.

Details on the new Star Trek series are limited. I had heard that might be like American Horror Story with single season storylines. There might be news coming out of Comic Con.

I am not watching any sitcoms currently. Undateable was canceled and I stopped watching Brooklyn Nine Nine. Grandfathered and the Grinder were also canceled.

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The Walking Dead

I still don’t watch the Walking Dead. I am not sure why not but I don’t.  A lot of other people watch the show.

The show is based on the best selling comic by Robert Kirkman. I haven’t read the comic, so I don’t know how different the show and the comic are. I know there are some characters that aren’t in the comic but are in the show.

I have heard the show is getting repetitive. That the gang goes to one place and things seem okay but then things fall part and the gang moves on. Some people die but the story goes on without an end point in sight.

I am not sure why I am not interested in the Walking Dead. I am curious enough to check out some news stories about the Walking Dead or its spin-off Fear the Walking Dead. I am just not interested enough to watch the show.