More thoughts on Extreme Ghostbusters

I am watching some of episodes of the Extreme Ghostbusters again. (It is on Hulu.) It was a good series even if it only lasted one season. It was in 1997, years after the end of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon and a new crew of Ghostbusters was assembled with Egon acting as their mentor.

The new team had three men and one woman and included a Latino and an African-American member. Also there was a member in a wheelchair. This sounds like forced diversity but the characters were likable and the voice actors were good.

I think the team could have become more likable or interesting if given future seasons. It was a pretty plot heavy show so maybe there could have been more time for character development. I like this crew more the crew from the 2016 movie. (This might be really unfair though. It is hard to compare to characters who had one movie to characters who had forty episodes of a TV series.)

Also I like the legacy aspect of the show. It appeals to me. I enjoy the legacy ascept of DC comics (which might have been lost from time to time) like the JSA being one generation and the JLA being the next generation. I did like the two part return of the original Ghostbusters.

I thought there was not too much comic relief, which I tend to hate. (I’ve mentioned too much comic relief being a problem in posts about some movies.) Maybe the series would have be better without Slimer but he never dominated the show.

Some of the monsters were really creepy, there is even a bunch inspired by the Cenobites from the Helleraiser franchise. The horror elements are present and in one episode we get to see what each character fears most. The insect monster was gross.

I think this is worth seeing if you haven’t seen it and worth seeing again if you have seen it. This team might never really return for their own series but a few of the characters have appeared in Ghostbusters comic books.


TV Thoughts Jan 2018

Fox’s new medical drama the Resident is interesting. It was a bit of a shock to open with a botched operation. Bruce Greenwood is on hand as the head of surgery whose hands are failing him.  His character should move to more of administrative role but he might not be ready for that. The first two episodes came out last week.

I lost track of Lucifer, I need to catch up. I remember the third season starting off pretty well. The second season was good, so I am not sure why I took a break from the series.

I hope Cloak and Dagger is better than Runaways. I don’t know why Runways is so bad but I lost interest pretty quickly. Maybe the show had too many major characters to introduce in one season.


Thoughts about Wayward Sisters

Wayward Sisters is the second attempt to create a Supernatural spinoff. It is better than the first one, which doesn’t need to be discussed now. Basically a group of women and teenage girls who have survived encounters with monsters have banded together to fight monsters.

I liked the backdoor pilot episode. It feels like Supernatural but it is different. The theme song is by a band with a woman lead singer  and it looks like this group won’t be traveling as much as Sam and Dean. Also a regular cast of five is bit different than a regular cast of two, which Supernatural first had. Considering Supernatural’s history of killing female supporting characters, it is a bit surprising to see a female driven Supernatural spinoff.

The name Wayward Sisters is a reference to the song Wayward Son by Kansas, which is used as a theme song for Supernatural. If this goes to series, it will be worth checking out.

Stephen King’s It (the mini-series)


I thought it was a good time to re-watch the TV mini-series It. I think it holds up.

The mini-series starts in a small town with a mysterious child murder. Mike (Tim Reid) calls some old friends and says it is happening again. Flashbacks reveal that these friends fought a monster in their teen years but all of them but Mike left town after high school. Now they’re coming back to town to fight the monster again.

I have never read the book the mini-series is based on, so I cannot judge how well it adapted the book. I like the mini-series but mostly I liked it because of the cast (it is a good cast with Tim Reid, Annette O’Toole, John Ritter, Harry Dean Anderson, and Richard Thomas). I thought the flashbacks were well blended into the main story and I thought the young actors were good. I liked Tim Curry as Pennywise the evil clown.

The recent movie is very good but I think both are enjoyable in their own ways.

TV Thoughts 10-23-2016

NFL ratings are down 11 percent so far this year. That is surprising. Maybe the trend won’t last. It has been less than half a season. Or maybe it will and perhaps the growth of the NFL has to level off.

Lucifer is off to a good start to a second season. I wonder if the move to 22 or 23 episodes per season will hurt the show. Sleepy Hollow seemed to suffer after moving to more than 13 episodes a season.

I am not watching any sitcoms this season. I am not sure why that is. A lot of comedies I liked in the last few years all got canceled.

Luke Cage

Luke  Cage is the latest Netflix/Marvel show. It is good, really good at times. It stars Mike Colter as Luke Cage, the first major African American superhero from Marvel comics. (The Black Panther is not American.)

Luke Cage is living in Harlem, working odd jobs for cash as the series opens. Luke is forced into action when a gun deal goes wrong. Mob boss Cottonmouth seeks the stolen money.(No more details will be given.)

This is good. Colter is really good as Luke Cage. The rest of the cast is good but without   a strong lead, the series would falter.  Colter had previously played Luke in Netflix’s Jessica Jones series, so maybe that helped.

Cottonmouth is a good villain. The other villains didn’t interest me as much as he did. They aren’t bad villains though. Mahershala Ali is really good as Cornell Stokes/Cottonmouth.

The fights are good, if mostly one sided. I like scenes of Luke destroying guns. Once a gun is introduced that can harm Luke, the action becomes more interesting.

I like this and and am looking forward to Iron Fist’s show. It is kind of a shame that Iron Fist didn’t appear.


Star Trek thoughts 9-17-2016

I haven’t watched a lot of Voyager or Enterprise. Maybe I should start watching one soon. Maybe Enterprise. Voyager gets a bad rap or so I’ve heard.

Or maybe I should dive into Deep Space Nine. I haven’t seen it in ages, maybe it is better than I remembered. I’ve read some experts who think it is the best of all the follow ups to the original series.

The next Star Trek series, Discovery, has been pushed back to May or June. (It was supposed to come out in January.) I hope it will be good. I don’t know if I want another prequel to the original Star Trek.