Thinking about Hairspray Live

This is pretty good, maybe as good as Grease Live. The movie from a few years ago was pretty good too but I don’t think you could go wrong with either one.

It is nice to see Martin Short as the main character’s father. He is not a great singer but he is good here and this project is a step up from one of his recent TV projects. I am glad to see him in something I enjoy again.

It is weird to see Ariana Grande in a supporting role. Not that she is bad in the role, it just seems odd that a major recording star would have such a relatively minor role in a musical. Maybe she likes the show.

Jennifer Hudson has a role. She was good. She works on Broadway, so a live show is not new to her. I think she might be a little young for the role she’s playing here.

I thought the whole cast was good, just some members might be better than others and a few stood out to me.  I really think this is as good as Grease Live, which I liked a lot.

What is the next live musical?


Thoughts on re-watching Groundhog Day

After seeing Edge of Tomorrow and Happy Death Day, it is interesting to go back to the inspiration for both films, Groundhog Day. Bill Murray stars as a weatherman going to a small town to do a live remote on Groundhog’s Day. He becomes stuck in a time loop and then the fun begins.

Bill Murray is really good in this role. His character becomes a better person over the course of the movie but there are a few setbacks. Andie McDowell stars as a producer who becomes his love interest and she is also good. Chris Elliott has a supporting role but really doesn’t get much to do.

The movie is good and moves at a good pace (it was considered okay for a movie be under 2 hours in the early nineties). Considering that the plot involves a day repeating over and over, the movie avoids being repetitive and there are some surprises. I have not seen the movie in a few years and I think it holds up.

Accident Man thoughts

Scott Adkins stars  as a killer who disguises his kills as accidents. (This idea is also used in author Barry Eisler’s John Rain series.) When his ex-girlfriend is killed, he goes out for revenge. Adkins uses his British accent in this film for a change (in a lot of movies he is playing an American.)

This is is pretty good. The action scenes are good and at times really good, the plot moves at a good pace, and the supporting characters are interesting. Michael Jai White has a suporting role. Adkins is still a better fighter than actor but I thought he played his role well.

This is at least as good as Kickboxer Retaliation. It might be fun to team Alain Moussi and Scott Adkins in a movie.

Wishmaster re-watched

This movie is fun. This movie is about an ancient djinn who is released after a tragic accident who wants to destroy the world by bringing the rest of his race to the world.  A young woman is trying to stop him.

Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, and Robert Englund have parts in the movie. That is a nice touch. It is nice to see Englund outside of his role as Freddy Kruger. Alas these men have no scenes together. It was nice to see Hodder out of his Jason makeup.

Some of the other actors are pretty good in this movie. Chris Lemon has a small role. The leading lady was good and I liked the actress playing the occult expert. She had fun with her role.

Andrew Divoff is good as the djinn and he has the second or third best voice in the movie. (Tony Todd has the best voice in the movie.) I liked the djinn in his human form more than his monstrous form. Divoff returned for the first sequel but was replaced on the last two sequels.

I think the djinn cheats. He finds the nastiest or cruelest ways to grant a person’s wish. I know ”be careful what you wish for” is a cliche of this type of film or story. I am not sure being careful helps that much when the djinn is determined to find the nastiest way to grant the wish or nastiest outcome of the wish.

Also at one point the djinn is using his powers without granting wishes (which he shouldn’t be able to do according to the rules of the film). Maybe he is really stretching the last wish he’s granting but even then that might be cheating.

The movie is under 1 hour and 35 minutes long. So that is good. It is not too long.


I, Madman Re-watched

I, Madman is a horror movie from 1989.  It is about a woman (Jenny Wright) working in a second hand bookstore who reads some old horror novels by an author named Malcom Brand and the novels seem to be coming to life. Her boyfriend is a police officer (Clayton Rohner).

It is good. It is not a classic but it is worth watching if you have never seen it or re-watching if you have. Wright and Rohner are good and they have a nice chemistry together. It is rated R but was not especially gory. I am being light on the plot details but both Wright and Rohner’s characters get involved in the hunt for the killer.

I might sample some of the Blu-ray’s  bonus features later. It is about 90 minutes long.  It is worth borrowing from a library or a friend if you don’t want to buy it.

Re-watching Waxwork

There is a new edition of Waxwork and Waxwork 2 on Blu-ray. I had not seen Waxwork in ages (it is a movie from 1988). I am not sure if it was good as I remembered but it is pretty good.

Zach Galligan from Gremlins stars as Mark. He and some friends are invited to a waxworks before it opens for a sneak preview. However there is something sinister about this waxworks.

In each waxwork display, there is a monster and if a person walks into the displays, the monsters come to life and the person who walked into the display gets put into a scenario. The monsters include a wolfman, Dracula, a mummy, and the Marquis De Sade, That was a bit odd. (This ends the plot information.)

David Warner is really good as the mysterious owner/operator of the waxworks. Miles O’Keefe was pretty good as Dracula. Zach Galligan and Deborah Formen were likable as the leads.

It is gory. The gore is almost over the top but in a fun way, The battle at the end was fun. I liked the touch when one of the characters goes into a zombie movie scenario that the film turns to black and white.

Waxwork is a good film and a fun one. It is not a classic though.

Ninja III

Ninja III the Domination is a fun movie from Cannon films. Cannon films was a low budget film company from the 1980s. This was the studio behind the American Ninja series.

In this movie, a ninja posses a young woman. Another ninja comes in to save her. That is the plot. The first scene is an epic battle between a ninja and a horde of cops. (This is both great and silly.) Maybe none of the rest of the movie quite matches the opening but the movie is fun.

The film is fun and goofy. In comparison the American Ninja franchise is slightly more serious. Sho Kosugi is good as the heroic ninja and Lucinda Dickey is likable as the woman possessed by the evil ninja.