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Richard Rider returns as Nova

The original Nova Richard Rider will return sometime next year. That is nice. I won’t say I really missed him but I am happy he’s coming back.

I don’t even dislike the young Nova Sam Alexander. Sam is not going anywhere. (That is good, people like Sam.) I might know him better from the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon than the comics.

It will be nice to see the original Nova again. He is from the 1970s and is a long time New Warrior. Details on Richard Rider’s comeback are vague, for now. He and Sam will share a book.

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Superman: Secret Identity

Superman Secret Identity is a classic mini-series by writer Kurt Busiek and artist Stuart Immomen. It has been recollected in a hardback edition. This is the story of a young man named Clark Kent who grows up in a world where Superman is a fictional character.

Clark is a normal person until one day he gets superpowers. He becomes Superman and works for the government in secret. This is the story of Clark’s life. It is interesting and a fun read. It is not action packed and it is not an epic.

Busiek is long time writer and he is best known for his work on Astro City (his creator owned series), Avengers, and Iron Man. He and Immonen also worked together on Shock Rockets, a science fiction series.

Immonen is known for his on Next Wave, Avengers, Legion of Super-Heroes, and All New X-Men. He is a good artist. I think he has co-written projects with his wife Kathryn Immonen.

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Legends 30th anniversary edition

Legends was the sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths. In this story Darkside decides he wants to destroy the heroic ideal. He is opposed by various heroes including Superman, Batman, the Blue Beetle, and the new Flash (Wally West).

John Ostrander co-wrote it and it was his first work for DC comics. He went on to write Suicide Squad, Firestorm, and Manhunter among other titles. He is known for writing Star Wars comics and for his series Grimjack.

John Byrne drew it. He is a great artist, perhaps as great as George Perez or John Romita Jr. Bryne is known for art on numerous titles including His art was very good. Byrne has worked on Avengers, X-men, the Fantastic Four, Superman, and other titles some as a writer and artist.

Highlights of the series include

  • the formation of the Suicide Squad
  • Wally West assuming the role of the Flash
  • Wonder Woman meeting other Superheros for the first time post-Crisis
  • Dr. Fate gathering a new Justice League

I am glad I bought it. It features an essay by editor Mike Gold. He was the editor of the original series.

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Rising Stars

Rising Stars was a comic by J. Michael Straczynski. It was about a group of people born in a small town who developed special powers. They were the only super humans or specials in this world.

Some of these specials are being murdered and when each one dies, the rest get more powerful. There were about one hundred and thirteen of these specials. One special named Poet is investigating.

It has been too long since I read it. I remember it being good. I don’t remember if I read the whole series.

How this comic translates into a movie will be interesting to see. That is if the movie gets made, a lot of books or comics get optioned for movies. Not all books or comics optioned for movies get made into movies.


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Comic Book Thoughts 5-30-2016

Wally West is back. The original Wally West is back in DC Rebirth. (Yes. I am happy.) He is getting a new costume and it looks good.

The new Wally West will join a new version of the Teen Titans. That could be good. Maybe he can develop in that role.

Rebirth is a way for DC to reach to readers who have stopped reading the books in the last few years. It is also a way to re-establish legacy/history, which has been lost. I hope it works out.

There is a new Quasar. I am okay with it. I think it would be nice to have the original Quasar in action. The new Quasar is a woman and she will appear in Captain America, I believe.

Speaking of Captain America, he is apparently an agent of Hydra now. This seems to make no sense but the story just started, so it is best to withhold judgement. Sometimes stories that seem to have a unlikely premise work out.

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The Thunderbolts return

The Thunderbolts will return this year. It has been a few years since I have last seen them. I knew about the last series but didn’t read it. It might be good to see them again.

The Thunderbolts are a team of former super villains trying to become heroes. Originally they were pretending to be heroes. This looks to be a return of the classic team. (There have been a few versions of the team over the years.)

The new Thunderbolts will come out of this year’s Avengers event. Baron Zemo doesn’t appear to be involved. Is that a mistake? Zemo as himself or Citizen V was an important and compelling character in the classic team.

More news on this as it happens.

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Astro City: Lovers Quarrel

Lover Quarrel is the latest Astro City collection. This one features Crackerjack and Quarrel. They’re getting older. Another story in the collection features a talking gorilla who wants to play in a band.

This is good. Quarrel’s background is explored and it is interesting. Her father was a super villain also called Quarrel.  This is her first time in the spotlight. She has appeared before, she was in the Tarnished Angel storyline and some other issues.

The story about the talking gorilla who wants to be in a band is fun.  It is less serrious than Quarrel’s story but is still entertaining and interesting.

As always, the creative team is writer Kurt Busiek and artist Brent Anderson. Their work remains good after all these years. Anderson might be a bit unappreciated.