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Catalyst a Rogue One story

I liked Rogue One but didn’t love it. I am currently listening to the audio book of Catalyst a Rogue One story.  It is by James Luceno and performed by Jonathan Davis.  Both are veterans of previous Star Wars audio books.

It It is set towards the end of the clone wars and involves the building of the Death Star. So far it has the parents of the female hero from Rogue One trying to stay out of the war. One of the villains from Rogue One is making his way up the ranks. That is kind of interesting.

I am enjoying it. Davis is giving a good voice performance and the story so far is pretty interesting.  I think I’ve listen a few audiobooks by Luceno over the years. He is pretty good.

I am glad I bought it. I don’t think you need to read this book or listen to the audio book to enjoy the movie but it might enhance your enjoyment of the movie.

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The Daily Show the Audiobook

This is pretty good. However if you liked Craig Kilborn’s version of the show, you might be disappointed with this book. His time is covered pretty quickly. Of course Jon Stewart’s name is in the title.

It is an interesting book. I didn’t know about some people who worked on the show before Stewart’s tenure. Also I didn’t know about some resentment that happens when Stewart started to reshape the show. One of the creators left the show a few years in Jon’s tenure.

The most surprising thing in the book is that comedian/corespondent Wyatt Cenac knew about Amos and Andy (he compared a skit about Herman Caine to the show). I think the TV show had not been seen in about 50 years and I don’t think anyone plays the old radio show. (Amos and Andy was a radio show and later a TV show about two black men but the radio show was created and written by white men and they voiced the characters. Black actors played the parts on the TV show.)

It is an interesting book.

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Book Thoughts August 2016

Max Allan Collins new book Better Dead is good. It is his latest Nathan Heller novel and it is set in the 1950s. Private investigator Nate Heller is investigating the Joel and Ethel Rosenberg case. Then in the second novella Heller works for Betty Page, the famous pin up model. As always the cases are interesting and Heller remains a likeable and flawed hero.

The Star Wars Aftermath series has been fun so far. This is the series that tells what happened after Revenge of the Jedi. The books are entertaining, maybe not as good as Timonthy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy. Marc Thompson reads the audio version and he is good as always.

John Sandford has a new Virgil Flowers novel coming out in October. This is a good series. John Connolly has a new Harry Bosch novel coming out this fall. I prefer his Lincoln Lawyer series but the Bosch series is good too. So there are some good books coming out in the fall.

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Modern Horrors

I am reading film critic Scott Weinberg’s book Modern Horrors. He has been reviewing movies since 1999 and I follow him on Twitter. He reviews non-horror movies for Nerdist.

I like his reviews. He likes horror movies but can still be critical of them. I like that. He likes slasher movies and well made found footage movies. He concedes that a lot of found footage movies aren’t well made.

Favorite reviews so far

  • the Final Girls
  • Fright Night
  • I, Frankenstein
  • Odd Thomas
  • Sinister

The reviews don’t have star ratings. That is a bit odd but the reviews are still enjoyable.

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Book Thoughts May 2016

Boys Among Men by Jonathan Abrams is about the years between 1995 and 2005 when high school basketball players skipped college and went to the NBA. Players covered include Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnet but the book also covers some less successful players. It is interesting.

Brady vs Manning is interesting but not as good as I hoped. I thought it would be more interesting than it turned out to be but I am not sure why. Gary Myers is a good writer but his best book might be the Catch from a few years back. Brady vs. Manning is still worth reading though.

Extreme Prey is good. It is the latest Lucas Davenport novel from John Sandford. Lucas is unemployed but recruited to do a favor for the governor but danger lurks nearby. (I missed the last novel in the series, so I don’t know why Lucas quit.) Richard Ferrone reads it on audio.

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Book Thoughts 4-15-2016

I am listening to Nothing but the Truth, an old Dismas Hardy novel by John Lescroart. These novels about a San Francisco lawyer are often good. (I cannot think of a bad one at the moment.) It is interesting to read a book in a series that you skipped or missed.

I listened to Tim Green’s the Dark Side of the Game. Green played for nine years in the NFL before becoming a novelist and TV analyst. Each chapter in the book covers a different aspect of life in the NFL and life after leaving the NFL. It is not a recent book, so it doesn’t cover the concussion situation.

upcoming books I will probably buy (series character noted in parenthesis)

  • Slow Burn by Ace Atkins (Spenser)
  • Blood Flag by Steve Martini (Paul Madriani)
  • Extreme Prey by John Sandford (Lucas Davenport)
  • Escape Clause by John Sandford (Virgil FLowers)
  • the House of Secrets by Brad Meltzer


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This is William Shatner’s book about Leonard Nimoy. It is good. Shatner and Nimoy first met during an episode of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. and course worked together later on Star Trek.

Shatner reads the audible version. I liked his reading.

This is not a straight biography of Nimoy. It is more a look at Shatner and Nimoy’s long time friendship. Shatner admits to his jealousy when Nimoy’s Spock character became wildly popular.

The book also covers Nimoy’s complicated relationship with Star Trek’s creator Gene Roddenbury. Shatner also had a complicated relationship with Roddenbury.

Some of this material was covered in Shatner’s earlier books Star Trek Memories and Movie Memories. However there is new material. I enjoyed the book a lot.