The House is a bad movie

Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler are not funny in this 2017 movie. I guess it is nice that Poehler’s character is not a nag or a scold and she gets involved in the craziness but the movie is not funny. The cliche in a lot of comedies is to have the wife be a nag or scold or try to control her husband.

The idea of the film could work. Parents being stressed over paying for their daughter’s college start an illegal casino. I am not sure why movie did not work. I might have to watch it again to figure it out but I don’t want to do that.

This movie was not screened for critics when it opened, which is never a good sign, and it semi-bombed. I don’t think it cost enough money to be considered a major bomb. I don’t think any executive was fired over the failure of this film.

just a few observations

  • Excessive blood spurting is not funny in and of itself
  • Jeremy Renner has a brief role as a gangster and he seems like he belongs in another movie (odds are that it could be a better movie)
  • At least this movie is only about 93 minutes long
  • The fights aren’t funny and I think they’re meant to be funny

I seen a fair amount of bad comedies and this is pretty bad. However I think I’ve seen some just as bad or close to being as bad. Baywatch might be just as bad from what I have heard.


Thinking about Hairspray Live

This is pretty good, maybe as good as Grease Live. The movie from a few years ago was pretty good too but I don’t think you could go wrong with either one.

It is nice to see Martin Short as the main character’s father. He is not a great singer but he is good here and this project is a step up from one of his recent TV projects. I am glad to see him in something I enjoy again.

It is weird to see Ariana Grande in a supporting role. Not that she is bad in the role, it just seems odd that a major recording star would have such a relatively minor role in a musical. Maybe she likes the show.

Jennifer Hudson has a role. She was good. She works on Broadway, so a live show is not new to her. I think she might be a little young for the role she’s playing here.

I thought the whole cast was good, just some members might be better than others and a few stood out to me.  I really think this is as good as Grease Live, which I liked a lot.

What is the next live musical?

Thoughts on Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman returns as Black Panther, the king of Wakanda, in this movie after Captain America Civil War.  The success of this movie should keep Boseman out of historical bio pics for a while. Michael B Jordan stars as the villain Killmonger and this makes his third teaming with director Ryan Coogler.

Wakanda is a nation in Africa which has a huge supply of the special metal vibranium, which allows their technology to be ahead of the rest of the world. The previous king was killed in Civil War and now T’Challa has to become king. Outside events and secrets from his father’s past complicate his rise to power.

This is very good and maybe even great. Boseman and Jordan are really good in this movie. This movie features a largely black cast with a few notable exceptions. There is a large supporting female cast too.

One of the supporting characters in this movie is called Manape in the comics. I understand not using that name. Winston Duke is good in this role, the leader of the outsider tribe. I wonder if he will be back for the sequel.

Thoughts on re-watching Groundhog Day

After seeing Edge of Tomorrow and Happy Death Day, it is interesting to go back to the inspiration for both films, Groundhog Day. Bill Murray stars as a weatherman going to a small town to do a live remote on Groundhog’s Day. He becomes stuck in a time loop and then the fun begins.

Bill Murray is really good in this role. His character becomes a better person over the course of the movie but there are a few setbacks. Angie McDowell stars as a producer who becomes his love interest and she is also good. Chris Elliott has a supporting role but really doesn’t get much to do.

The movie is good and moves at a good pace (it was considered okay for a movie be under 2 hours in the early nineties). Considering that the plot involves a day repeating over and over, the movie avoids being repetitive and there are some surprises. I have not seen the movie in a few years and I think it holds up.

Accident Man thoughts

Scott Adkins stars  as a killer who disguises his kills as accidents. (This idea is also used in author Barry Eisler’s John Rain series.) When his ex-girlfriend is killed, he goes out for revenge. Adkins uses his British accent in this film for a change (in a lot of movies he is playing an American.)

This is is pretty good. The action scenes are good and at times really good, the plot moves at a good pace, and the supporting characters are interesting. Michael Jai White has a suporting role. Adkins is still a better fighter than actor but I thought he played his role well.

This is at least as good as Kickboxer Retaliation. It might be fun to team Alain Moussi and Scott Adkins in a movie.

Movie Thoughts 2-8-2018

I don’t want another Indiana Jones movie but apparently one is in the planning stages or about to be filmed. Harrison Ford is getting too old for this crap to paraphrase Danny Glover’s line from Lethal Weapon. Maybe cooler heads will prevail and the movie won’t happen.

There is another set of Star Wars movies announced. Apparently two of the main writers of Game of Thrones will write some Star Wars movies. That could be different, Game of Thrones is darker in tone than probably all Star Wars movies including Rogue One. Star Wars apparently is planning not to go away, even for a little while, anytime soon.

Is Emma Watson getting 15 or 20 million dollars a film? If so, good for her. I heard someone comment that she might be better in supporting roles but she makes too much money for supporting roles. I don’t remember who said that.



Movie thoughts 2-6-2018

Is it just too soon for a new Star Wars movie? I don’t know. I wonder if the six month or so gap between The Last Jedi and Solo is too short and I need more time to get interested in this movie. I know there is a shorter gap between Marvel movies but that seems different somehow.

I am still anti-3D. (I don’t think this will ever charge but maybe it could change if 3D improves.) I still think it works better with animated movies than live action movies. There seem to be fewer 3D movies each year, so maybe in a few years 3D will fade away.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom looks good. It might be fun to see. It probably won’t be more than fun though. I liked Jurassic World but there are plot holes in that movie you could drive a truck through. (Okay, that might be a bit harsh.)