Louis CK, reportedly,wants to make a comeback

Louis CK wants to make a comeback apparently according to a website. This seems too soon, doesn’t it? It has been only 6 months since he confessed to his long rumored misdeeds and his movie’s release being canceled. Shouldn’t he spend more time away? What makes him feel ready for a comeback at this time?

I know what he did is not as bad as some other people did. I am not going to argue that he is bad as Harvey Weinstein or some other people. (Weinstein sounds like a monster.) That does not make what Lewis CK did acceptable or make a comeback by him at this time acceptable.

I don’t know if anyone wants to see him again. I know that I don’t. It is hard to look at him without thinking of the creepy things he did and his apology was also a bit off putting. As more time passes maybe it might be easier to look at him and not think of his creepy behavior.


Thoughts on re-watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

I broke down and re-watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It is still good. I guess I have a better understanding of the series now but I am still a bit surprised by how long it takes the main plot to appear. I contend if the series started in 2010, Harry would get to Hogwarts sooner.

The cast is good. It is amazing in hindsight how good the core trio was in the first film and how much better they got over the course of the series. There were other people considered for those roles which is interesting to think about. Alan Richman was good from the start too.

I still haven’t read the books.

I think the movie holds up. The effects are fine, yeah they would be better today but I think still hold up. For a first film in a series, this was a very good start.

I don’t plan at this moment to watch any more films in the series any time soon but that could change.


Movie thoughts 4-21-2018

I still find it hard to believe that there is going to be Transformers spin-off about Bumblebee. (I guess he is as likable as any Transformer and probably more likable than a few others.) Oh well, it could be good I guess. I wonder if people will go see it.

I still kind of like the 2017 Mummy movie even though it could have been better. Maybe the movie needed to refocus on the horror elements. I have seen worse movies in theaters and probably will again.

It is about a month to The Han Solo movie. I still have not decided what I think about the movie. Part of me is interested to see if the movie could be pulled together but another part of me isn’t interested in meeting Han Solo (on screen) before the original Star Wars movie.

There is another Purge movie coming out. I have never seen one of these films, I can’t buy into the premise. Enough other people can apparently and this will be the fourth movie and it will cover the First Purge.

Movie thoughts 4-15-2018

I don’t know why anyone is excited by a new Halloween movie. There has not been a good Halloween movie in such a long time. Maybe this new movie could be good but there is no good reason to expect it to be good. Maybe Michael, Jason, and Freddy need to retire.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom comes out this summer. I am a little curious about it and maybe if nothing else interesting is at theaters, I will go. I have not seen Jurassic World in a while but I liked it despite a few major plot holes.

I am still not sure why I lost interest in Rampage. Maybe I was just in the mood to re-watch some movies this weekend. (I did re-watch some good ones.) Or maybe knowing Dwayne Johnson has another movie coming out in July makes seeing Rampage seem less urgent.

Directing a Star Wars movie is hard. Four directors have been fired(okay once a pair of co-directors were fired, so on 3 movies directors have been fired) and one director might have been essentially replaced by someone brought into do re-shoots. I guess directing a Star Wars movie comes with as many risks as rewards.


Movie thoughts 4-14-2018

I planned to see the movie Rampage this weekend but I lost interest. I had an early lunch and drove to the theater but decided not to go at the last moment. (I usually have either a late breakfast or early lunch before an early movie.)I am not sure why I lost interest. Maybe I will see it later.

I would have liked a sequel to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. I really liked that film. I think of all the movies in the last ten years that didn’t get sequels that it is the film I’d most like to have a sequel.  You never know, maybe a Sorcerer’s Apprentice sequel would have bad or average.

The backlash against the Last Jedi continues.  Some people want to have the movie changed or have some of the big plot twists undone in the next movie. People have posted that the Last Jedi is not what they wanted out of a sequel to The Force Awakens. It is a movie, not a choose your own adventure novel.






Re-watching the City of Violence

The City of Violence is a 2007 Korean film about a cop who goes back to his hometown when one of his friends is murdered.  He stays to investigate and he encounters more old friends including one who helps him investigate.

This is a simple plot but it serves well enough. (I won’t spoil any plot details.) The fight scenes are amazing as the heroes take on hordes of guys over and over again. The last twenty minutes or so is an extended set of fight scenes as the heroes invade the villains lair.

I liked this a lot. The fights are amazing but the heroes get hurt during the fights. They are very capable but they are not indestructible. There is one moment when the heroes wave off an oncoming foe as if to say we need a breather, just give us a moment.

The villain is creepy and maybe out of control. One of the people working with him comes to a bad end at the main villain’s hands and you can see it about to happen. It is kind of fun. The heroes are likable.

I really like this.  I think it is worth seeing if you never have seen it and effeminately worth seeing again if you have.

Here is a review from the BBC.

Re-watching Still Crazy

The band Strange Fruit from the 1970s reunites in this movie. The band fell apart after a terrible performance at a music festival which included lightning suggesting that God himself hated the band. Twenty years later, they get a chance to go to an anniversary of the festival but they need to play some clubs and regain their grove.

I like movies about getting the band back together (although in most cases that is more of a metaphor). However there are tensions in the band that linger from years ago. One member, Ray the lead singer, joined after they achieved some success.   He is part of the band, but  he wasn’t there at the start and that matters.

The cast includes Bill Nighy, Billy Connolly, and Stephen Rea. They are all really good.  The movie is not a laugh a minute film but there are some funny moments. The movie has been compared to “This is Spinal Tap” but that is more of a satire. I liked the music. It is a relatively short movie at under 100 minutes. (There is a fairly fleshed out backstory to the band and their dynamic for a short movie.)

Roger Ebert gave the film 3 out of  4 stars. That seems fair.