The Blob re-watched

The remake of the Blob is corny and violent but somehow enjoyable. In this movie a meteor falls from space and a weird organism terrorizes a small town. Defending the town is a rebel (Kevin Dillon) and a cheerleader (Shawnee Smith).

It is corny at times. There is the scene where a teenager encounters his minister at the drug store at the wrong time. He manages to convince the minster that he’s buying the condoms for his buddy who is too irresponsible to buy them himself. Guess who that buddy encounters later when he comes to pick up his date. (The pharmacist who is also his date’s father.)

The female lead says to the male lead “take care of yourself it is the only thing you’re good at.” He replies “No one else volunteered for the job.” That is kind of corny and didn’t Princess Leia say something similar (about looking out for himself being what’s he is best at)  to Han Solo? Of course Han didn’t say anything as sad as the male lead in this film did.

The Blob kills people and grows as it eats/dissolves people. The effects don’t hold up at times but the some of the deaths are gruesome in a fun way. (This movie is from 1988 of course the special effects might seem dated at times.) There is a death in a phone booth.

Some government people show up but are their motives what they claim? In the 1950s the answer to that question would be yes but this movie was made in the 1980s. The government created this as a weapon but it has become more dangerous than they expected.

I enjoyed seeing it again. Despite Entourage, I like Kevin Dillon as an actor and he was good as the rebel here. Shawnee Smith was good as the female lead and they had some nice scenes together. Del Close co-stars as the minister who becomes convinced the blob is a sign or threat sent by god.

It is worth seeing if you have not seen it. It is not great but it is fun.


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