Movie thoughts 1-13-2018

The Post was good. It about the Washington Post publishing the Pentagon Papers (a series of reports about the Vietnam war). Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep are good, of course.  Is the idea of the government trying to silence the press relevant to the current day? Yes but that idea is always relevant.

The Maze Runner the Death Cure opens in 2 weeks. I hope it is good. Trailers look good so far. I have no idea how the story ends. (I haven’t read the books.) It has been a fun series so far.

Black Panther opens  in less than a month. It looks promising. I wonder if the Stan Lee cameo will be dropped because of the sexual misconduct allegations against him. It might be awkward to keep a Stan Lee cameo in the film.

The New Mutants  movie has been pushed back to 2019. That kind of move is often not a good sign. Another director left the Gambit movie. I think that is the third or the fourth. X-men spin-offs are having some hard times.


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