12 Rounds 3 Lockdown

This is not bad. Maybe I am being generous but I enjoyed it. WWE star Dean Ambrose stars as a cop returning to duty after he got shot and his rookie parter died. However there are corrupt cops in his precinct and he has evidence against them.

The movie turns into a c level Diehard ripoff. The corrupt cops put the station house and try to get Ambrose and destroy the evidence. Ambrose is not bad and there are a few nice fights and one surprise stunt.

This is called 12 Rounds 3 because of the name value of the series. The films have nothing to do with each other and each one has a different lead actor. That is a series in name only.

Do the makers of Diehard get a cut from any profits from these Diehard rip-offs? If they did, I guess they’d never to work again.

I might never need to see this again but I don’t regret seeing it.



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