Movie thoughts 2-4-2017

Logan opens in March. Previews have looked good. It looks grim but it still looks good. I hope it will be good. The use of Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt was a good choice for the trailer.

I skipped xXx the return of Xander Cage. I didn’t feel that interested. I barely remember seeing either of the two previous films in the series. Also I heard Donnie Yen was the best part of the film, so I figured that I could wait to see him in another film.

John Wick 2 comes out next weekend. Maybe it will be good. Or maybe it will be not good. Maybe one adventure of John Wick is all we needed. I will find out soon I guess.

Do we need a solo Han Solo movie? Maybe it would be nice to explore another time period in the universe. Also maybe all new characters could be fun. There seems to be more to explore in the universe.


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