Movie thoughts 1-21-2017

There is news that James Cameron is planning on rebooting the Terminator in 2019. I am bit unsure what to think about this. Only one of the last three Terminator movies was good and even that one might not be worth re-watching. I guess a full out reboot might work. Deadpool director Tim Miller is reportedly going to direct, that is a plus.

There is news that Dwayne Johnson will get a solo film as Black Adam. I am still not sure if he is the right guy to be Black Adam. Black Adam is a villain or at least an anti-hero and I don’t know if Johnson will be good as an antihero. More thoughts on this as news develops.

Monster Trucks got some good reviews. This is the movie that the studio apparently took a tax write off on. Maybe it will be fun.  It looks kind of fun.





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