The Lord of the Rings:the Return of the King re-watched

Okay, this movie is long. The credits are nearly ten minutes. However the ending always gets to me. Or perhaps the endings get to me (the movie has a few points that seem like good endings).

The quest ends. The final battles are fought. Choices are made and some people die. Evil is defeated. The world is saved.

Okay that last paragraph was a bit glib. In this movie, Frodo continues his quest to destroy the one ring and the rest of the fellowship tries to fight off the evil lord Sauron  and his hordes.  At times things seem hopeless.

This was a good end to the series. The performances are good, as always, and even some of the minor characters are likeable and interesting.  Seeing the four Hobbits re-united at the end was nice.

Yes, this triology is better, much better, than the later Hobbit series. I liked the Hobbit movies but that series was bloated and should have been two movies, not three. (I don’t think I will re-watch the Hobbit series again for a while, if ever.)

This film, and the whole series, benefits from the musical score composed by Howard Shore. The score for this film is reallly good, maybe even a classic.  He returned for the Hobbit series and did a good job in that series too.


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