Paper Towns re-watched

Paper Towns is based on the novel by John Greene. Natt Wolff stars Quintin, a senior in high school who lives next door to the glamorous Margo Ross Spiegelman (Cara Delevingne). They were friends until the 6th grade but one night Margo asks for Quentin’s help. They have an adventure.

Margo then disappeared and Quintin decides to find her.  With his friends (Ben and Radar)and one of Margo’s friends (Lacey), he goes to find Margo. A paper town is a fake town that map makers used to check if people copied their maps. The road trip is fun.

The cast is good. Wolff has been acting for a while and he seems a bit like a young John Cuzack. Delevingne is a model turned actress and I thought she was pretty good in her first role. It is a good movie and since I never read the book, when I first saw the movie I thought the ending was going to be a lot sadder for a moment.





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