Movie Thoughts 11-24-2016

Bad Santa 2 got bad reviews. I am not surprised, the previews were not good. Bad Santa did not need a sequel or if it did, critics seem to feel this is not that sequel. Not every film needs to be a franchise. I won’t see it. Also there have been a fair amount of bad comedy sequels in the last four years or so.

Edge of Seventeen is a good movie about a girl in high school. Her father died four years ago and she is estranged from her mother and her older brother. Haliee Steinfeld stars and so does Blake Jenner as her older brother. Both are really good. Woody Harrelson is her teacher, it is always nice to see him. Hayden Szeto plays Steinfeld’s love interest and his character is Asian American but that is not a big deal.

There is a another boxing film coming out this month, Bleed For This. This movie stars Miles Teller and he is usually good. I don’t feel too interested in it. There have been a fair number of boxing movies in the last few years. Boxing however seems less vital in the sports landscape than it was even 20 years ago.


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