Luke Cage

Luke  Cage is the latest Netflix/Marvel show. It is good, really good at times. It stars Mike Colter as Luke Cage, the first major African American superhero from Marvel comics. (The Black Panther is not American.)

Luke Cage is living in Harlem, working odd jobs for cash as the series opens. Luke is forced into action when a gun deal goes wrong. Mob boss Cottonmouth seeks the stolen money.(No more details will be given.)

This is good. Colter is really good as Luke Cage. The rest of the cast is good but without   a strong lead, the series would falter.  Colter had previously played Luke in Netflix’s Jessica Jones series, so maybe that helped.

Cottonmouth is a good villain. The other villains didn’t interest me as much as he did. They aren’t bad villains though. Mahershala Ali is really good as Cornell Stokes/Cottonmouth.

The fights are good, if mostly one sided. I like scenes of Luke destroying guns. Once a gun is introduced that can harm Luke, the action becomes more interesting.

I like this and and am looking forward to Iron Fist’s show. It is kind of a shame that Iron Fist didn’t appear.



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