Book Thoughts August 2016

Max Allan Collins new book Better Dead is good. It is his latest Nathan Heller novel and it is set in the 1950s. Private investigator Nate Heller is investigating the Joel and Ethel Rosenberg case. Then in the second novella Heller works for Betty Page, the famous pin up model. As always the cases are interesting and Heller remains a likeable and flawed hero.

The Star Wars Aftermath series has been fun so far. This is the series that tells what happened after Revenge of the Jedi. The books are entertaining, maybe not as good as Timonthy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy. Marc Thompson reads the audio version and he is good as always.

John Sandford has a new Virgil Flowers novel coming out in October. This is a good series. John Connolly has a new Harry Bosch novel coming out this fall. I prefer his Lincoln Lawyer series but the Bosch series is good too. So there are some good books coming out in the fall.


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