Star Trek Beyond

This is good. When the movie opens the crew of the Enterprise has been in space for nearly three years of a five year mission. Captain James T. Kirk has requested a promotion that would take him out of the Captain’s chair.

The Enterprise embarks goes to a Starbase and then is enlisted into a rescue mission. However the mission turns out to be a trap and the ship is destroyed and the crew has to crash land on an unknown word. While on the strange word, various members of the crew work together to get the rest of the crew back.

I liked it. Karl Urban is good as McCoy and has more to do than he had in the last movie. Sulu is gay and married but he doesn’t get too much time to deal with his relationship and we don’t know if his daughter is named Demora.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto remain the heart of the franchise as Kirk and Spock. Spock Prime has died and younger Spock is considering leaving Starfleet to help his people rebuild their society. Spock and McCoy have more scenes together and that was nice.

The villain is not good. He is not terrible but (minor spoiler)I am not unhappy that he won’t be back. Other than that, Star Trek Beyond is a pretty good film. I look forward to the next film.

I am glad that the plan is not to replace Anton Yelchin as Chekov. Yelchin died in a freakish car accident in June. He was good as Chekov.


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