This is good. It has some jokes that I didn’t like and I think a few of the cameos slowed the film down or broke the film’s momentum. It is better than the trailers, that first trailer was a disaster.

I liked Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Leslie Jones in this movie too.  I am not a particular fan of any of them. I think Kate McKinnon’s character is too much at times. Jones’ character might be loud at times but she comes across like a real person, McKinnon’s character sometimes doesn’t.

If there is a sequel, no more cameos. That should make things better. I am not saying the cameos ruined the movie but there might have been a better cameo free version of the movie. This is not a movie with a great villain. I’d like a sequel and if there is one, I’d like a better villain.

It is not as good as the original.  I still the all female team was a gimmick but the longer the movie went on, the less I thought about it being a gimmick.


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