Movie Thoughts 7-9-2016

Dave and Mike need Wedding Dates didn’t look fun. I decided to skip it. Reviews are not good. It looks like a Wedding Crashers rip-off. It is loosely inspired by a real story but I think liberties were taken to make it more comedic.

I re-watched Spectre. It is good but it seemed better in theaters. I don’t think the James Bond movies need overarching plots. I think revealing that Spectre was behind all four Craig Bond movies was a bad idea. If Craig leaves, I hope the supporting cast remains.

I tried watching Sunset Boulevard and I guess I know the musical version too well. It seemed odd to watch the movie, as if I expected songs that would never happen. It is still good though and if you haven’t seen or heard the musical, you might enjoy it.

Star Trek Beyond opens in less than 2 weeks. I hope it will be good. Previews have looked good and the director Justin Lin is good. Sulu will be gay but not everyone is happy about it.


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