Summer of Noir: the Asphalt Jungle

The Asphalt Jungle is a classic film noir and perhaps the first great heist film. It is about the gathering of a team to pull off a perfect crime. This film has been remade a few times and it has influenced many other movies.

Sterling Hayden stars as Dix, the muscle/hoodlum from Kentucky. He wants one last score and to return home to buy his family’s farm. The gang’s leader is Doc(Sam Jaffee), who is just out of prison but has a great plan.

Dix and the gang pull the heist but one thing goes wrong. Then more more things go wrong. Despite all the careful planing, the whole thing unravels and the gang scatters. There is also treachery.

This is an interesting movie to pair with Hayden’s later film the Killing.


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