Do Comedians lose their fastball?

I am not the biggest baseball fan but I know the idea that a pitcher has only so many pitches before they lose their fastball. You cannot throw 99 mile per hour pitches forever.  I guess it is not quite the same thing for comedians or comedic actors but maybe you cannot be funny forever. I have been thinking about this recently because of some podcasts I listened to and a few reviews I read.

Zoolander 2 got bad reviews and it looks pretty bad. Ben Stiller co-wrote, directed, and stared in it. It is safe to say that his comedic sensibilities dominate the film. If the movie is bad as it seems, does it mean that Stiller is losing his fastball?  He has also had a few other flops or forgettable films recently.

Vince Vaughn seems to be struggling the last few years. He has had a few flops in a row. Even his re-teaming with Owen Wilson for the Internship was a flop and not good. Are people tired of him? Could the right project bring him back?

Dennis Miller’s last two stand up specials weren’t terrible but it seems his best days are behind him.  I am not sure why but he seemed funnier ten years ago. Does his turn to the right have anything to do with it? I don’t know.

If comedians can their comedic fastball, why does it happen? Is it a failure to change their comedy to match the times? Do some things that are funny when you(or your character) are in your twenties become less funny or pathetic when you(or character) is in your forties?


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