Ip Man re-watched

Donnie Yen stars as real life martial arts master Ip Man. Ip man taught Bruce Lee. This movie turned to be the start of a mini-boom of movies about Ip Man. There 2 sequels to this film, a film that might be a spin-off, and 3 unrelated films since 2008.

Ip Man is living and trying to balance his roles as husband and father with his role as martial arts master. He gets involved and tries to help people with his skills. He is a fierce fighter but not an angry person.

This movie covers a time when Japan invaded China. One major villain is a Japanese general. The Japanese don’t come across well but I have seen them come across worse in other Chinese films.

This is good. Yen is good as Ip Man, he is likable and he is outstanding in the fight scenes. Sammy Hung, a Hong Kong film legend, did the fight choreography. Hung had knowledge of Win Chuin, Ip Man’s style.

It is a good movie. If you like classic Hong Kong movies, you might like this one. If you like Yen’s modern thrillers like Flashpoint or Killzone, you might want to see this one.


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