Summer of Noir: Brute Force

Burt Lancaster stars as a criminal trying to escape from prison. It is an over crowded prison and there are six men to a cell. At one point it is revealed the prison is holding twice as many men as it was designed to hold.

Jules Dassin directed. He also directed the Naked City. Both films are very good. Lancaster and the other actors are good.

The prison is run by a cruel guard captain played by Hume Cronyn. He is really evil and enjoys the power he has. He has informants. The scene of him interogating a prisoner is pretty intense for the time.

There seems to be no hope in the prison. Men work in the prison but the jobs are often busy work and the conditions are not good. There is a doctor who talks about the need to rehabilitate the prisoners but the warden and prison authorities think he is soft and that the prisoners need more discipline.

I like this movie a lot.


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