Superman: Secret Identity

Superman Secret Identity is a classic mini-series by writer Kurt Busiek and artist Stuart Immomen. It has been recollected in a hardback edition. This is the story of a young man named Clark Kent who grows up in a world where Superman is a fictional character.

Clark is a normal person until one day he gets superpowers. He becomes Superman and works for the government in secret. This is the story of Clark’s life. It is interesting and a fun read. It is not action packed and it is not an epic.

Busiek is long time writer and he is best known for his work on Astro City (his creator owned series), Avengers, and Iron Man. He and Immonen also worked together on Shock Rockets, a science fiction series.

Immonen is known for his on Next Wave, Avengers, Legion of Super-Heroes, and All New X-Men. He is a good artist. I think he has co-written projects with his wife Kathryn Immonen.


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