Independence Day Resurgence

This was decent, maybe a little better. It is old fashioned and corny and there might be a few plot holes that a small car could drive through. I don’t regret seeing it but it won’t make my top ten list of films.

In this sequel to Independence Day, the aliens are coming back. The twenty years after the first alien invasion have been pretty good. Nations are cooperating and new alien/human technology has been developed.

A few stars from the original returned and some new characters are introduced. Will Smith didn’t return and Mae Whitman didn’t return either. She was replaced, and I am not sure why. Her replacement is okay I guess but nothing special.

I think Liam Hemsworth hasn’t found  the right role yet. I think he could be better than he has been so far. He was more likeable in the Expendables than in anything else I have seen him in since then.

The movie is fun. It is a bit corny.(That is not always bad).  It is not too long and it starts off pretty quickly.  The effects were good but not outstanding. I am not saying this is terrible; it isn’t.

I would advise against paying extra for 3D.


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