Legends 30th anniversary edition

Legends was the sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths. In this story Darkside decides he wants to destroy the heroic ideal. He is opposed by various heroes including Superman, Batman, the Blue Beetle, and the new Flash (Wally West).

John Ostrander co-wrote it and it was his first work for DC comics. He went on to write Suicide Squad, Firestorm, and Manhunter among other titles. He is known for writing Star Wars comics and for his series Grimjack.

John Byrne drew it. He is a great artist, perhaps as great as George Perez or John Romita Jr. Bryne is known for art on numerous titles including His art was very good. Byrne has worked on Avengers, X-men, the Fantastic Four, Superman, and other titles some as a writer and artist.

Highlights of the series include

  • the formation of the Suicide Squad
  • Wally West assuming the role of the Flash
  • Wonder Woman meeting other Superheros for the first time post-Crisis
  • Dr. Fate gathering a new Justice League

I am glad I bought it. It features an essay by editor Mike Gold. He was the editor of the original series.


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