Ghostbusters Thoughts part 2

The first trailer for the 2016 Ghostbusters came out and the response was very negative. This trailer became the most disliked trailer in YouTube history and a lot of the comments were ugly. A lot of the negative comments involved the female main cast.

The female cast is not a problem for me. (I think an all female team seems like a gimmick.) I dislike the first trailer because I thought the jokes were not funny. The jokes weren’t funny but the same jokes would have been unfunny with a male cast.

There was a second trailer and it was better. Maybe not a lot better but it was better. A couple of the lamer jokes were removed. It still did not look that good.

I am not a fan of Melissa McCarthy. I am not familiar with the other leading actresses. Two of them are Saturday Night Live but I don’t watch Saturday Night Live. So I am not looking forward to this film.

However I am keeping my options open. Maybe reviews will be good and convince me to see it.


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