Doc Savage

Dwayne Johnson is going to be Doc Savage. Doc Savage is a pulp hero/explorer and he first appeared in the 1930s. Superman was inspired to a degree by Doc Savage. Superman was also inspired by Philp Wylie’s novel Gladiator.

Shane Black will write and direct this movie. His recent movie the Nice Guys was good and Iron Man 3 was also good. (Some people dislike the plot twist, so maybe the film is not as well regarded as it deserves.)

At one point I thought the movie was canceled. I thought the failure of the Lone Ranger hurt the Doc Savage movie.

Here are the good points from the news about the movie

  • Johnson’s involvement
  • Black’s involvement
  • the fact that it will be a period piece

I just hope the movie is not too comedic or comedic in the wrong way. Johnson seems to think Doc Savage is funny. From the comics I’ve read, Doc isn’t funny.



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