X-Men Apocalypse

This was good but maybe a little long. I think Apocalypse is not the most interesting villain. I never considered him a top ten Marvel comics villain. Mister Sinster might be more interesting. I think Oscar Isaac did the best anyone could be in the role.

Apparently Apocalypse has been rotting in a underground tomb for centuries but now he’s back and he wants to destroy human civilization. He gathers some followers. This part was a little weak or could have been expanded a bit.

Mystique helps to rally Xavier’s students. Jennifer Lawrence is not getting raves for her performance but I don’t think she was bad. Mystique is supposed to be world weary in this movie, at least for most of it.

Cyclops and Jean Grey appear and they are played by Tye Sheridan and Sophie Turner. I thought both were good. They should be good in the next movies.

Juliblee didn’t get enough to do. That was a shame. She is played by Lana Condor, she seemed likeable in her limited screen time.

Wolverine doesn’t need to be in the movie. I am not complaining about him being in the movie but it would be interesting to see a version of this movie without Wolverine.

Is Quicksilver a one trick pony? Maybe but it is a fun trick. Also these movies come out every two years. I thought Evan Peters was likeable in this film.

This movie was good. It was not as good as Captain America Civil War or Deadpool.


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