Movie Thoughts 5-19-2016

There is a new Ghostbusters trailer. It is a little better than the last one. Of course that is a low bar to jump. This doesn’t look promising. Maybe the movie will be better than it looks.

Angry Birds looks bad. Reviews are terrible. I don’t plan to see it but I guess if my nieces want to see it, I will take them.

Neighbors 2 looks bad. It is getting better reviews than I expected but I am tired of Seth Rogen. I feel like he is doing the same thing in every movie.

Early reviews of X-men Apocolypse are mixed. I plan to see it but I am not expecting too much. I have enjoyed all the X-Men movies, even X-Men 3.


One thought on “Movie Thoughts 5-19-2016”

  1. Agree that both “Ghostbusters” and “Angry Birds” look horrible. We will see them but the bar is set very, very low. “Neighbors 2” is better than you think and is actually worth seeing. Can’t freaking wait for “X-Men Apocalypse,” hope it doesn’t disappoint!

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