Movie Thoughts 5-7-2016

The new Han Solo has been picked. Rumors are that the producers saw 2,500 to 3000 actors before making their pick. It is Alden Ehrenreich. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in anything. I hope the movie is good.

Mark Waid’s comic Irredeemable is getting made into a movie and a director is attached. Irredeemable was about a Superman type who has turned evil and the efforts of his former allies to deal with him. It was an  interesting series. Of course it is possible the movie won’t happen (sometimes things don’t work out).

Doctor Strange comes out in the fall. I wonder if it will be good. I wonder if the previews will start hitting the movie theaters soon. I am not a huge Doctor Strange fan but I like the character.  Magic on screen can be difficult.

I haven’t heard about the Valiant comics characters getting movies in a while. I wonder if those movies will still happen. Maybe I should look into it.


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