Captain America: Civil War

This is really good. In this sequel to Captain America the Winter Soldier, the United Nations wants to put the Avengers under UN control. Cap doesn’t want it but Iron Man, feeling guilty perhaps, thinks it is a good idea.

Then there is tragedy that seemed to have been caused by the Winter Soldier. Cap wants to help Bucky but people coming after Bucky want to kill him. This includes the Black Panther who blames Bucky for the death of his father.

Tom Holland comes as Spider-man and he’s good. I liked the previous actors who played Spider-man but after this I am looking forward to the new Spider-man movie. Chadwick Boseman is really good as the Black Panther. I am looking forward to his movie.

Is the movie too long? Maybe a little. The fights are good and the acting is good too. The villain is not great.


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