Movie Thoughts 4-22-2016

I haven’t been to a movie in a few weeks. It feels a bit odd but there is nothing out that really interests me. There are some interesting movies playing but they aren’t playing near me.

It is two weeks until Captain America:Civil War. I hope the movie is good. Early reviews are good. I hope it is better than Batman v. Superman but i also hope the next DC movies are better than that movie.

It is a month until X-men Apocalypse. I am looking forward to it. I like the X-men series of films, even the third X-men movie. I am not saying it is great and maybe it is the weakest film in the series but it is not that bad.

The new Jason Bourne trailer is good. Plot details seem vague but apparently he remembers everything. Tommy Lee Jones is on hand, which is usually good. I guess Jeremy Renner and his spin-off will never be mentioned or come up again.


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