Movie Thoughts 4-14-2016

The Doctor Strange trailer looks good. There is not a hint of the villain as yet. It looks a bit different,I think it will be less comedic than Ant-Man. Magic can be tricky.

Star Wars Rogue One looks good too. It might be weird to see a Star Wars movie without a Jedi. It looks like Donnie Yen will get a chance to show off his skills unlike the Raid guys in the Force Awakens.

The Avatar sequels are coming. Maybe it is just me but I don’t feel interested at all in Avatar sequel. I haven’t seen Avatar in ages and I haven’t wanted to see it again.

The Men in Black and Jump Street crossover is happening.(It still seems kind of like a joke.) It will be called MIB 23. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are reportedly not involved. Maybe people will enjoy it.



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