Movie Going Experience: Cost

The cost of going to movies isn’t so bad. (At least not yet.) There are a couple of things that I don’t like about the cost of going to movies. One is the price of concessions and the other is the extra charge for 3D movies.

I don’t like 3D movies. I think the $3 extra charge is a bit much. Sometimes my nieces and nephews want to go to a 3D movie. So that adds up. It could be worse though. I think in other parts of the country 3D tickets cost 5 dollars extra.

The prices of concessions are too high. They are just are but I accept that. (Concession sales are how the theaters make a lot of profit.) The only way concession prices would drop is if the theaters got a higher percentage of ticket sales. That doesn’t seem likely anytime time soon.

So I mostly accepted the cost of concessions. However, I do wish the popcorn or soda was better sometimes. Occasionally I get stale popcorn or flat soda. It is not often but that is a little upsetting.


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