Movie Going Experience: Trailers

I still like going to movies. I go to at least twenty-four movies a year on average. However there are some things that can be better.  There are at some things that can be better.

  • Trailers
  • Movie theater etiquette
  • Cost

Trailers could be better. Trailers can be fun and often are fun. However there are a few things about trailers that bother me. These are the number of trailers before a film, how long a trailer plays, and the selection of trailers played.

I like no more than five trailers before a movie. Five seems like a good amount. Six is not too bad but seven is too many and I get impatient for the movie to start. The number of trailers increases the closer it comes to the summer movie season.

I think some trailers come out too early and play too long. For example if a movie comes out in August, it seems the first trailer plays in late February and then for the next four months. That seems too long.

I am still surprised by the selection of trailers played in front of movies. I have been to one horror movie in the last seven years but I get all the horror movie trailers.


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