Movie Going Experience: Movie Theater Etiquette

Movie theater Etiquette is not great. Some people seem not to understand that the movie theater is not their home or apartment. This goes beyond cellphones but cellphones are a major part of this.

Some people don’t get off their phone at the theater. They text through out the movie, which is distracting. Or people are on Facebook or checking their email or something else. Phones makes noise and the light is also distracting.

I don’t understand people messing with their phones during a movie. You paid to watch a movie, watch the movie. However it seems to me that some people are too attached to their phones, it might be a generational thing.

I don’t remember the last time I heard a person take a call during a movie. I guess it still happens but maybe not as often as it used to happen. I guess this wouldn’t be so bad except people have their phones so loud.  (Some people have their phones really loud or have annoying ring tones, this is a concern everywhere.)

Just turn off or silence your phone. You can check your phone after the film. Enjoy the film.


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