More thoughts on Movie going etiquette

People talking during a movie is a problem. I did not pay to hear some random strangers talking about the movie. (I don’t talk in a movie because other people didn’t pay to hear me talking about the movie.) Talk about the movie afterwards. Just show a little consideration.

Parents taking young children to movies is a problem. Some movies are not meant for young children. Or maybe young children should not be at a movie at night. Parents take kids to violent R rated movies and parents take kids to movies after 9 pm. The kids get upset and cry and it is unpleasant for other people in the audience.

A movie theater chain is not letting children into R rated movies after 6 pm. (It might be Regal or AMC but it is one of the big chains.) That is sad that the chain feels that they have to do it but I am sure the chain took time to make the decision. I am sure the decision was not just randomly made some day.


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