Batman v. Superman thoughts

This movie is too long. It is also bad but it is not terrible. Reviews have been bad and I agree with some  of the reviews. Parts of the movie aren’t good.

There are some good points. Ben Affleck is good as Batman, and Gal Galdot is good as Wonder Woman. Henry Cavill is not served well by this movie.

Lex Luthor is not good, and I’d be okay if he isn’t seen again. Maybe he will be better and more toned down in another movie but thinking that might be too optimistic.

The climatic battles are good. It takes a long time to get to them. Maybe if the movie were a little shorter and Luthor less over the top, that would have made the movie better.

Cavill and Amy Adams could be a fun Clark and Lois but not in this movie. The movie is grim, maybe too grim.

I hope Suicide Squad is better than this.


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