Extreme Ghostbusters

With the new Ghostbusters movie opening later this year, this seems like a good time to watch the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon.  It is on Hulu. This was the first Ghostbusters spin-off to feature new characters. (I think the Real Ghostbusters counts as a spin-off.)

In this series(a sequel to the Real Ghostbusters), the Ghosbusters have disbanded years ago and Egon is teaching at a college in New York. Four students sign up for his class. When ghosts attack the city, Egon enlists the students as new Ghostbusters.

The new Ghostbusters are Garrett, Roland, Eduardo, and Kylie. Garret is a daredevil in a wheelchair. Roland is an Africian American mechanic and maybe a little stuffy. Eduardo is a slacker. Kylie might be a goth.

It is a fun series. There were two 2 part episodes, including one bringing back the rest of the original Ghostbusters. (That was pretty fun.) The characters are likable and some of the ghosts are creepy. The series only lasted one season.

The theme song could have been better. It would be nice to see the team again, maybe in the IDW comics.


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