the Other Guys re-watched

This is a good movie and it is better than Daddy’s Home. (In hindsight,  I probably should have waited for that movie to hit DVD or Netflix.)

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell star as mismatched cops in this comedy. They are investigating what seems like a minor case but it does not stay minor. The movie starts off with the Rock and Samuel L. Jackson as supercops. (This was funny but a whole movie of it could have been too much.)

Ferrell, at first, is playing aganst type. He seems very in control and not out of control or over the top. Wahlberg is a bit over the top at first. This changes. Wahlberg and Ferrell are better than they were in Daddy’s Home.

There are some jokes that I thought were repeated too often. So, while this movie is pretty good, it is not a classic.



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