Movie thoughts 2-19-2016

There are talks of Cable being in the Deadpool sequel. That could be interesting. There is also talk of an X-Force movie, which could be interesting too. One person/critic called X-Force Marvel’s answer to the Suicide Squad, which isn’t exactly true.

There is not a new Ghostbusters trailer yet. I wonder if the trailer will be good or get people excited about the film. Paul Feig has made good films with Melissa McCarthy and Kristin Wiig (who are both in the new film). So I wonder why people,at least the ones I know, don’t seem more excited about the film.

Batman v. Superman opens in about 5 weeks. I hope it is good. If it is not good or doesn’t do well, that could hurt the plans for the DC movies. Rumors are circulating that early screenings weren’t good. Responses to Ben Affleck as Batman have been good.




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