Movie Thoughts 2-12-2016

Why did they make a Zoolander sequel almost 15 years after the first one? That is a long time between sequels. Would it have been better if they made it four or five years after the original? Maybe not. Reviews for the new movie are pretty bad on average. Maybe some movies don’t need sequels.

Are comedy sequels bad more often than action movie sequels? It seems in the last 3 or 4 years, there have been a fair number of bad comedy sequels (Hot Tube Time Machine 2, Horrorible Bosses 2, Zoolander 2, Ride Along 2, and a few others).  Maybe there have been as many bad action movie sequels recently but it seems like there have been more bad comedy sequels.

Is there going to be a new Saw movie? I thought that series was over, so this would be a quick return if it happens. I thought the studio moved onto other films. The new one might be called Saw Legacy.


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