Ryan Reynolds stars as Deadpool in this movie. He played a version of Deadpool in the first Wolverine solo movie, which was good but not great. Now several years later, there is a real Deadpool movie.

It is good. Reynolds is good as Deadpool and there aren’t too many fourth wall breaks. Too many might have become tedious.  Most of the fourth wall breaks were good.

The villains were not that interesting. Gina Carino still is more of a physical presence than skilled actress but she is effective in her role. The main villain is okay but nothing special.

This movie isn’t for kids. It is rated r and earned that rating. It is pretty violent and has some sexual content.

Reynolds has a good chemistry with Morena Baccarin.  It was nice to have Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the movie too.

Overall this is a good movie.


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