the Shannara Chronicles

This is based off the Shannara books series by Terry Brooks. I’ve read a few  of those over the years and enjoyed them. Maybe the series is influenced by Tolkien but that is not a bad theing.

This series is mostly based off the Elfstones of Shannara. (Elfstones was the second book that Brooks wrote.) The magical tree called Ellcrys is dying and as it dies demons are released from a realm called the Forbidding.

The Druid Allanon returns to save the four lands. He recruits the half-Elf Will Ohmsford, who can wield the power of the Elfstones.  They have to help princess Amberle, last of the Chosen, restore the Ellcrys. (The Chosen are Elves selected to tend to the Ellcrys.)

I am enjoying it so far. The 2 part premier was interesting and Manu Bennett is comanding as Allanon.  John Rhys-Davies is good as the King of the Elves. The third episode was good and some more members of the cast stepped up. I think people who haven’t read the books can enjoy it.


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