the Big Short

This is a movie about the 2008 financial crisis that started in the housing market. It is interesting and it covers some complex subjects. This story covers people who tried to short (bet against) the housing market. It is based on a true story and a book by Michael Lewis.

Stars include Sreve Carrell, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and  Christian Bale. Pitt is in a few scenes and does not share scenes with Bale or Goseling or Carell. Bale doesn’t share a scene with  Carrell or Gosling. So it is a nice cast but the whole cast never works together.

This is complicated stuff. A few times celebrities are brought in to explain some concepts. Those scenes are fun. I still don’t get one concept though.

This is a good movie and it is funny but it also made me angry. At one point Carrell’s character goes to a ratting agency and questions why the mortgage failures has not caused the ratings of mortgage based bonds to fall. The agency worker said that if her agency did not work with the banks the other rating agency would. That makes the ratings meaningless.


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