Star Wars thoughts 12-5-2015

Less than 2 weeks to Star Wars the Force Awakens. I hope it will be good.  I am not expecting too much, I think. If it is not good, it will be disappointing.

I haven’t seen the prequel trilogy in a while and I only remember the third one but not in great detail. I kind of liked it. There have been a few articles defending the prequel trilogy lately.  They might be bad but they aren’t painful to watch from what I remember.

The previews for the Force Awakens have been good. They have not given too much away.  So many movie previews give too much away these days, the new Batman v. Superman preview gave too much away.

Did Han shoot first in the original film? Yes according to everyone but George Lucas. I am not sure why Lucas changed it.  Was Han wrong to shoot first? No.


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