This is a good James Bond movie, not a great one. It might also be a bit too long but most of Daniel Craig’s James Bond movies are a bit too long.

James Bond is working on a last (and unofficial) mission from the late M and a new head of British intelligence is coming to power. He already wants to shut down the 00 branch before Bond’s “vacation” in Mexico.

Bond discovers evidence of a secret organization called Spectre. Bond goes awol to pursue this new organization while his co-workers brace for changes to come. Craig’s Bond likes to go awol.

Craig is good as Bond, and it was nice to see Q, Moneypenny, and the “new” M. If this is Craig’s last film as Bond, and it might be his last, it will be nice to have M and company back.

The stunts are good. Dave Bautista is on hand as a henchman but he is not as fun as Jaws was. The main villain is not that compelling, at least not to me. Also I don’t need all of Craig’s Bond films need to be tied together.

This will probably make my list of the top ten films of the year.


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