Tomorrowland re-watched

I liked this movie but it has a problem or two. I might have liked it a bit less on re-watching it.

This movie is about a senior in high school who wants to change the world. She finds a mysterious pin and discovers a place called Tomorrowland. She, with the help of an android, meets an older man who has been to Tomorrowland.

Did I expect too much? Director Brad Bird’s previous film was Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. That film was really good. Maybe I expected too much.

George Clooney is good. Britt Robertson is good too.  I saw one review that said it was a good thing that Robertson did not have a love interest in the film. I wish I could remember who said it.

I am not sure who the villains were. I have seen the movie twice and I am not sure where the evil androids came from or what they wanted. I think that’s a problem.

This is a good film still.


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